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Atmosphere Gathering Music and arts festival

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Saturday, August 20th, 2016
10am- late

Cumberland Village. Rich with history, it has become known as one of BC’s gems. Hidden between the hills and just off the ocean, nature and man peacefully collide. The (charmingly pothole ridden) streets are lined with artful boutique shops and eateries. Vibrant colorful murals lend a modern twist to its heritage buildings.

Time ticks just a bit slower in Cumberland, where you can find you’ve moseyed only half a block in three hours but have met friends new and old, shared a pint of Cumberland Brewery’s craft beer and heard the latest of Waverley shenanigans. But don’t let it’s laidback styles fool you… world class biking and hiking trails as well as Komox Lake’s watery playground means that Cumberland is home to the finest caliber of PLAY. The Village of Cumberland has harnessed something pretty special.

No longer just a mining town- actually, no longer a mining town at all- a renaissance of sorts has taken place. Young families, artists and entrepreneurs have steadily migrated to the village, drawn by the affordable housing and an open-ness to all things fun. The community that first brought you the Big Time Out continues to churn out the hot music scene that is synonymous with Cumberland.

The most recent love-child born of this effort is the Atmosphere Gathering. The driving vision behind Atmosphere could best be summed up as “diversely unified”. Building upon the foundation of an electronic dance-music festival, festival organizers leave no stone unturned with their efforts to balance the party vibe with something you could almost call….wholesome. What that means is that if you venture deep into the woodland zone of the festival grounds, you’ll find yourself at the Sanctuary. A place for art, whispers and just Being.

Adorned with the coziest of rugs and pillows, altars of crystals and flowers, at the Sanctuary you’re invited to enjoy a couple moments of solace. To sink deeper, consult within and restore balance. This sentiment is echoed outward with Atmosphere’s holistic workshops, morning yoga stretchdowns, and Harmonic Arts’ extensive tonic and superfood café lounge. Welcoming locals and travelers alike, the festival site and schedule have been designed to maximize your experience. The flat, grassy grounds welcome wheelchairs and children. Family friendly camping and a respectable end time to the music at night maintain the balanced vibe of the party. And what a party it is. Three stages showcase back-to-back talent of multiple genres. Live acts, dj’s, acrobatics, dance, spoken word….if it stokes your fire, Atmosphere wants to bring it to you. Your inner child has been waiting to unleash.

The year of the Monkey is knocking. After all, Cumberland’s median age is 38. Even if you need to be in bed by eleven and your friends want to dance all night- Atmosphere has y’all covered with the Silent Disco. See?

Everyone’s happy. Diversely Unified. And while you’re might right smack dab in the middle of Cumberland, you’re somehow still right next to a glacier and standing under a big-top circus tent. It’s the dream you don’t want to wake up from. So get your tickets. Get your friends to get their tickets.

Book your little niche of the camping area. And get ready to write the next chapter of the little town that could….

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