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Pastured Livestock with Joel Salatin

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Joel Salatin is a self-described lunatic farmer. He�s also a philosopher and a visionary, and he�s on a mission to restore the lost intimacy between people and food.

Salatin raises grass-fed cattle and �beyond organic� chicken and pork on his 550-acre, pasture-based Polyface Farm in Virginia�s Shenandoah Valley. Practicing what he calls �a relationship-dense production model that yields far more per acre than industrial models�, Salatin demonstrates the symbiosis between farmers, fields, and animals.

Dubbed the �high priest of the pasture� by the New York Times, Salatin is the author of nine books, and is well known for his appearance in the film Food, Inc. His Polyface Farm achieved iconic status as the grass farm featured in Michael Pollan�s New York Times bestseller Omnivore�s Dilemma and has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, Gourmet and in countless other media.

Salatin kicks off Foxglove Farm�s 2012 workshop series on Wednesday night with a talk entitled, �Folks, this ain�t normal�. In his book by the same name, Salatin says, �Food security is not in the supermarket. It's not in the government. It's not at the emergency services division. True food security is the historical normalcy of packing it in during the abundant times, building that in-house larder, and resting easy knowing that our little ones are not dependent on next week's farmers' market or the electronic cashiers at the supermarket.�

On Thursday, Salatin will give a full-day intensive workshop on livestock farming. Covering a range of animals from �profitable poultry� to �salad bar beef,� based on his successful enterprise, Salatin will give talks on diet, shelter, marketing and processing, fencing, breeding, forage growth and rest cycles, and more.

Don�t miss this chance to learn from this internationally-recognized expert in innovative and sustainable livestock production.

Cost: Adult: $195
General: $195
Category: Everything Else
Location: This event is for Everyone
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