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Intuitive Arts Festival Mini

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Friday, February 18th, 2022
5:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Intuitive Arts Festival Mini

Friday, Feb. 18th 2022 5pm - 9pm

Virtual Workshops via Zoom


Saturday, Feb. 19th 2022 11am to 2pm OR 2pm - 5pm

In-Person Fair 111 Superior St

It's been FAR too long since we were able to meet in-person! We miss you. Let's celebrate spirituality, healing and metaphysics. This is a hybrid event that will meet online via Zoom (Friday) and in-person (Saturday) at the Church of Truth in James Bay.

Friday evening will share 4 amazing workshops to expand your intuitive knowledge. Meet spiritual teachers that will ignite your light and share knowledge to develop your connection to holistic healing and metaphysics.

Saturday, we will meet in-person where healing sessions and psychic readings offered by some of Victoria's finest metaphysical practitioners. Check out handmade spiritual gifts, sparkly rocks & gems as well as jewelry for yourself or those you love. We hope you can join us!


Tickets available for purchase:

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Friday, Feb. 18th Online Only -

Saturday, Feb. 19th 11am - 2pm (includes the Zoom workshops on Friday) -

Saturday, Feb. 19th 2pm - 5pm (includes the Zoom workshops on Friday) -

Tickets are $10.50 (includes GST).

E-transfers are accepted as well. Please make sure to include your email address and if you'd like an Online Only Ticket, Early Ticket or Afternoon Ticket. Send E-transfer to [email protected]


Covid 19 As the Health Orders have changed so have we! There will be a limited capacity for how many can join us in-person so we have divided up the day to better accommodate more people safely. Join us from 11am - 2pm OR 2pm - 5pm on Saturday, Jan. 19th at the Church of Truth. A vaccine passport is required to enter the festival, masks are required the entire time inside. No food or drinks will be served.

Everyone is welcome to join us ONLINE via Zoom on Friday, Feb. 18th! We will be following all BC Health Orders in place at the time of the event to bring together everyone as safely as possible. We have a Covid-19 safety plan.


Zoom Workshop Schedule for Friday, Feb. 18th from 5pm - 9pm:

5pm Tarot Talk with Teresa Klan

Come explore the exciting world of Tarot and Oracle Cards. Learn some basic techniques and teachings to add to your spiritual journey using cards for divine guidance. You will discover helpful tips for selecting the right deck for yourself as well as what to do once you get your deck home. Teresa will also be showing you a fun game to play with your deck. Bring your questions to be answered at the end of the workshop.

If you are looking to find a new Tarot or Oracle Card deck, you can check out Teresa’s amazing selection on Saturday when we meet in person.

6pm Save Your Energy for You!

Siobhan CollinsCan you feel what other people are feeling? You may be an empath! Siobhan will explain what being Clairsentient, better know as the gift of empathy, feels like. Explore tools and techniques to protect yourself from energies that are not for you! Learn creative and intentional ways to create more energy for yourself. Siobhan will use tools such as crystals, intentions, Feng Shui, and more, to help you in your daily life as an Empath.

7pm Yes, You Can - Mediumship Demystified with Karen Zemanek Yes, you can communicate with loved ones on the other side. Often, we think of mediumship as a magical or mystical power that only a select few are capable of experiencing. It is true that mediumship can seem mysterious when we do not intellectually understand a reality other than the one we live in, or when we do not have the information to normalize our day-to-day spiritual experiences. Consequently, fear of the unknown and belief in the illusion of mysticism may inhibit our natural curiosity and limit spiritual self-acceptance.

If you feel hesitant, fearful, skeptical and/or believe that mediumship is only for the chosen few, then this workshop is for you. You will have the opportunity to explore personal beliefs and limiting fears, and to demystify the natural process of spirit communication. Together, we will be inspired to navigate this challenging Earth journey as Spirit intended - in partnership with those beyond the veil.

8pm Call Back Your Power with Andrea Zonnis

Empower yourself! The world needs sensitive, caring, creative people now more than ever. Psychic Medium Andrea Zonnis will give you some helpful advice for dealing with negative, challenging people in our lives, sometimes known as energy vampires. We will discuss how these people can zap our energy and what to do about it!

Throughout our daily lives our personal power can be given away, taken, or left behind, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. Learn a potent exercise for calling back your power that you can incorporate into your spiritual practice. Take back your emotional wellbeing and step into the light of your magnificence.

**Workshop schedule may be subject to change**


Meet our Exhibitors

Kary Michaels Integrated Tarot Coaching

Alison Spokes Fantasy/Fairy Artist Tarot & Oracle Readings

David Zunker Palmistry, Tarot & Astrology

Cristin Platt Spiritual Gifts, Drums & Jewelry

Andrea Zonnis Psychic Medium with Tarot

Karen Zemanek Telepathic Medium or "Spirit Secretary" Sacred Communication with Spirit [email protected]

Siobhan Collins Psychic Medium & Oracle Cards

Sarah Downey Akashic Record Readings

Rosalina Heard-Carelse Shamanic Energy Medicine, Reiki & Reconnective Healing [email protected]

Ian & Josie Byington Spirit of Victoria Metaphysical Directory Victoria Metaphysical & Intuitive Development Group

Diane Fox Spa Products & Services, Romance Accessories

Teresa Klan Retail Tarot, Oracle Cards & Books


If you'd like to be on our exhibitor waitlist email Andrea at [email protected]


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