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Fundamentals of the New Self-knowledge Seminar

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2015
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Join us for a presentation on a new approach to self-knowledge using web based tools (knowing yourself through a system that begins with your story). An innovative convergence of science, technology and sotrytelling that makes self-knowledge easy, safe and accessible. As a leading educator on the philosophy of complex systems theory as related to consciousness and self, Malabar has released books, recordings, and web-based programs related to his approach. According to Thane Malabar, “there is a confusion that self-knowledge is a form of new age or metaphysical thinking; however, it is based on science.” Malabar will explain his two-phase program for self-knowledge. His personal story serves as the introductory feature. He uses this personal account to explain the grounding concepts of complex systems theory as related to this approach to self-knowledge. Malabar teaches that fundamental to knowing yourself, is knowing your own story. Recording your story is the first step towards knowing your story. is an online peer-to-peer structured story sharing website. After recounting their stories and creating a written text, Malabar helps students observe their daily lives. and are web-based tools created by Malabar. The tool is used for the second phase of self-knowledge, information gathering. The app is used by students for gathering information in their daily lives and to create reference models for continued self-observation, reflection and analysis. Malabar has released books, recordings, and web-based programs explaining his approach to the principle. “All the existing approaches to solving obesity, addiction, and social ills have been misguided. The top-down approach to change requires government, private business or outside influence and is missing the most vital component for success,” according to Malabar. His theory promotes the premise that the vital component in meeting these challenges is individuals knowing them selves and long-term success can only be achieved through having a better understanding of the “self.” The teachings and applicable methods of self-knowledge that will be utilized and taught by Malabar during his tour have been developed from decades of research and development. In his book “The Emergence of Consciousness – A New Framework for Self-knowledge,” Thane Malabar discusses many of the theories that will be further examined on his tour across Vancouver Island.

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Location: Willow Point Lions Community Hall
2165 South Island Highway, Campbell River
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