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Friday Beginner Tai Chi Class

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Friday, December 18th, 2020
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

In the beginner class, you will learn the basic choreography of the 108 Move Tai Chi Set. In doing so, you will work on balance, posture, flexibility and greater awareness of your body. The beginner class takes 4 months to complete. Having completed the beginner class, you will be able to continue on under the guidance of experienced instructors to expand your abilities and strength in the good company of others, while developing a discipline of gentle meditative exercise which has been known to improve the quality of everything that we do. In addition to the tai chi set, you are also encouraged to learn other related forms which work on the same basic principles and in this way, inform one another. Join us for Lok Hup, Sabre, Sword, Xingyi and Qigong if you wish. To further enhance our practices, workshops are conducted by visiting practitioners who have cultivated a greater understanding of these arts throughout their lives. To learn more, go to the website: Membership fee: $10 per year. Beginner course: $80 for 4 months. Activity Fees for Continuing students: $200 for 12 months or $120 for 6 months. These fees provide access to all regularly scheduled classes providing prerequisites have been completed. Workshops are extra. Tai Chi Nanaimo Association is a not for profit society.

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