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Awakening to your Life Purpose.With Robert Schwartz

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Sunday, January 13th, 2019
Saturday 9.30 - 6 Sunday 10 - 5

Awakening to Your Life Purpose.

Robert Schwartz is a hypnotist and the author of the ground-breaking books Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift.

Jan. 12 - 13 2019

Awakening to Your Life Purpose

Workshop in Parksville

$ 275 to be paid in full before Dec.15

for more information and to register contact Eva: 250 954 1002 [email protected]

Discover your life plan–a plan you yourself created!

plus .... Private Sessions: Book early so Robert can plan his trip to include your session........... see below.....

Before we are born, we plan the circumstances, relationships and struggles we will experience in our upcoming lifetime. Gain greater insight into the spiritual meaning and purpose of the people and challenges in your life in this illuminating, deeply healing program. Experience your own full “Between Lives Soul Regression”, a potentially life-changing experience in which you can speak directly with your spirit guides and the Council of Elders.

During the session, you move from a past life into the between-lives state in a safe, easy, natural process. With the elders, you may ask any question on any subject to seek out the deeper spiritual meaning of any physical or emotional difficulties in your life.

You gain insights on how to forgive, improve relationships, heal, find acceptance and invite more joy into your life.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a second regression during which you may be able to contact a deceased loved one, and a “Divine Virtues” exercise exploring the qualities you want to express in this lifetime.

Knowing your plan, you can begin to cultivate these qualities in a more conscious manner during this lifetime.

With the knowledge of your life plan in hand, it is easier to accept your life’s challenges and recognize them as the great teachers and healers your soul intended. Along with this acceptance, and understanding of why, comes greater peace and joy.

Private Sessions: Book early so Robert can plan his trip to include your session...........

Robert will be offer private sessions while on the Island in January. He will offer only the Between Lives Soul Regression and the Past Life Soul Regression/Between Lives Soul Regression Discount Package.

You must purchase the session or sessions on his web site before he will schedule you. The purchase may be made here:

Robert Schwatz

[email protected].


Cost: Adult: $275
Category: Everything Else
    Health & Wellness
    Religious and Spiritual
Location: Bradley Centre
975 Shearme rd off Alberni HWY, Parksville
This event is for Everyone
More Info: Eva Grodt
[email protected]
250 954 1002
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