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Saturday, March 11th, 2017
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Cost is $900 one class per month you will need to buy a supply herbs & a couple of books email me at [email protected] to register

DATE & TIME: I let the first students to register help me pick what day & time we will meet. Since we only meet once a month, this gives us flexibility to choose a date for each upcoming month as we go along. 3-4 hours depending on the number of students.



Cost: $900 for the course, $100 non refundable deposit due before the course begins, $100 due the day of each class Lessons & Manual There are 8 lessons, with all kinds of additional pdf's that are sent along. The 8 lessons are about 600 pages in total. Writing is done with humor and my own personal experiences. You should find it interesting reading. You will take notes during the class, we spend time outside & making various remedies: tinctures, salves, infusions, etc. I email you the pdf after the class. Resources on my website On the Articles page I have many articles & photo pages to go along with the course & enrich your studies. Discussions, questions & answers : on facebook messenger group, or by email, for additional questions & information in between classes


I have chosen 50 of the herbs that would be the most important to have during this course, to give you enough herbs to work with & to form the basis of your herbal practice (whether that will be clients, friend, family, or just yourself and/or pets). That way you will have small amounts of herbs to work with & get to know, and you can branch out from there, deciding which one's you'd like to learn to find & harvest locally or which ones you'd like to order by the pound, I can give you the name of my herb supplier for this, and often have extra dried herbs you can purchase from me. I am working more with choosing herbs on an energetic basis to work with each person’s constitution rather than on a symptomatic basis of choosing and herb to match an ailment. I have taught this course since 2009. We discuss & learn about all aspects of herbalism. We work will all your senses so that you have a feel for each herb on many levels: Making remedies with each herb in several ways Tasting the herb as an infusion Looking at the herb either in dried form or outside Since the course is 8 months long, all seasons of the year, you can observe the plant in all seasons, getting to know it better

INTRODUCTION: SYMPTOMATIC VS. ENERGETIC BASES HEALING HERB JOURNAL WORKING WITH PLANTS BETWEEN CLASSES REFERENCE BOOKS & FIELD GUIDES WHY LOCAL HERBS FOUNDATION: basics of making herbal remedies SOLVENTS: WATER: INFUSIONS DECOCTIONS Tinctures LABELLING DOSAGE FORMULA MAKING Oils Rubbing alcohol Salves Vinegars IDENTIFY & HARVEST: learning to recognize & collect your herbs Herb walks: similar species Ethical harvesting When to harvest: leaves, roots, seeds How to dry HARVESTING YOUR OWN PLANTS: as much as possible I include photos, suggestions on field guides & information on how to harvest your own plants locally HEAL: SYMPTOM BASED VS. ENERGETICALLY BASED HEALING Working with ailments & herbs Tonics & prevention Whole body healing Nutrition Supplements Water Emotions/stress THE HERBS: allies TREES LOCAL PLANTS: I discuss local plants & plants that are often found all over north america during the course ALDER AND THE FOLLOWING PLANTS WILL BE STUDIED, ALTHOUGH MORE MAY BE ADDED: HORSETAIL NETTLES DANDELION CLEAVERS KELP CLEAVERS PACIFIC BLEEDING HEART COMFREY CHICKWEED YELLOW DOCK BURDOCK RED CLOVER VALERIAN LEMON BALM LAVENDER CATNIP MARSHMALLOW YARROW WORMWOOD MULLEIN PLANTAIN FEVERFEW EVENING PRIMROSE MOTHERWORT SHEPHERD’S PURSE BARBERRY (OREGON GRAPE) HAWTHORNE ST. JOHN’S WORT MILK THISTLE BLACK WALNUT PAU D’ARCO ALFALFA BLOODROOT PASSIONFLOWER CHAMOMILE LOBELIA GARLIC ELDERBERRY ECHINACEA MYRRH WILLOW WILD LETTUCE RASPBERRY LEAF VITEX BLACK COHOSH SLIPPERY ELM CASCARA QUEEN OF THE MEADOW ALDER THUJA TEASEL BODY SYSTEMS: Immune system Colds & flu Building your immune system Lungs – bronchitis, asthma, allergies Skin - eczema Circulatory: heart, varicose veins Nervous system: sleep, relax, de stress Reproductive Childbirth, labor & aftercare Menopause Men’s herbs Liver & cleansing Skeletal system Bone and joint health Pain First aid Bites and stings Mosquito repellent EARTH RHYTHMS Medicine wheel: connection with earth rhythms DISCOVERY & WISDOM Choose 1 plant to work with between each class Choose a plant ally for a final project This course is designed for those who wish to know about a large number of plants to work with friends, family, clients, pets or just for personal knowledge. SUPPLIES: There will be a supply list each person will need to get as well, all kinds of fun things such as wide mouth jars, knife, cutting board, funnel, oil, vodka etc. Vodka is needed for making tinctures, which is the most often used type of remedy, it will run you a bit of money, get it from the states if you can (start collecting it now!). MY QUALIFICATIONS: I have completed a 2 year Natural Healing Bachelor of Science degree, and then I took my Master Herbalist degree with the Australasian College of Herbal Studies, this was a 4 year course including writing a thesis on Herbal Healing for Dogs. I have been working with medicinal herbs with my family, pets & clients since the early 1980’s. I have recently been uprading my herbal knowledge which has really brought me a lot of inspiration, so I am rewriting the entire herbal course for 2012. I have offered this course for 3 years out of my home & have decided to open it up to wider audience by offering distance learning. This class is designed for those with little or no knowledge of the use of medicinal herbs. Although there are lots of books on the market to read about the uses of medicinal herbs, learning to use them for yourself & family really comes from hands on experience. Throughout the classes you will build your own herbal manual based on your own experiences with each plant, and information I will share about each plant. I have created workbook pages with full color pictures of each herb, and space for notes along with questions for you to answer, and projects that we will do as a class. We will learn about several herbs in depth during each class.. The herbal workbook/manual you will be using is over 100 pages long. You will find you get more out of this course if you take the time to work with your herbs as we go along, do some extra reading, buy some herbal books (I will discuss good ones on the first day of class). If you are using the herbs, making up your own formulas, making your infusions you will learn more from adding in your own experience.

WHAT KIND OF CERTIFICATION WOULD YOU GET BY TAKING THIS COURSE? As a master herbalist I will give certificates stating my qualifications to teach & that you are an herbalist with 50 (or whatever) hours classroom & hands on experience. If you wish to receive a certificate of completion you need to complete a final exam of case studies. All herbal courses would be the same with this, unless you take a "degree" course with an accredited university or college which usually includes chemistry & anatomy. I have taken a 2 year bachelor of science degree in a broader field of natural healing, and a 4 year master's degree in herbalism, both with accredited universities. "Herbalist" is a loose term, someone who has the knowledge to use the herbs wisely for toning & balancing the body. To me, its really if a person knows the plants well enough to be able to use them for healing! This course is intense enough that you will have comfortable knowledge with the use of the herbs we learn about, and have a really good base with making of remedies (including tinctures, formulas designed for certain uses, salves, poultices, infusions, etc.) You will come out of this with a collection of about 17 or so single tinctures that you have made, dried herbs, and salves & other remedies. You would be knowledgeable enough to work with family & clients at that point. And you will have the workbook you have built yourself from your own experiences with the plants & notes taken during class discussions. I will also recommend several wonderful herbal books for you to use as referenceIf you'd like to meet me & see the materials we'll be working with before committing to this course, please email me & we'll set up a time for you to come by. MY thoughts on herbalism & the foundation of my teaching about herbs: Matching an herb to an ailment? Here's a better way to go. Just a comment about using a certain herb for a certain ailment. I know that's how 90% of people using herbs look at it: that you match an herb to an ailment. So if that's right, how come when one person takes an herb for a certain problem its fixes it? Then another person decides, hey, that worked for them, I have the same ailment, I'll take that herb. For them, it doesn't work. So now the person either decides that herbs don't work, or that herb in particular doesn't work. What is missing here is the 3rd element in herbalism, which is the main focus of my herbal course. You have to take into account a person's energetics or constitution. Lets say a person takes Cottonwood tincture & it relieves their aches & pains. Cottonwood is suited to those who have tense muscles & nerves, dry crackly joints, and who are 'cold' constitutionally. So for those people it will help relieve their pain. For people who are overheated & have a lot of moisture in their bodies, it is not the herb of choice. The other aspect I address in my herb course is the ROOT CAUSE. In the above example of pain again. Its fine to take an herb to relieve your pain. But WHY do you have pain in the first place? Is it acidity in the body from poor food choices? If so, taking an herb to relieve the pain is only addressing the symptoms, you need to address the root cause & look at your nutrition. So, when choosing herbs, (and our food) we need to look at more than just matching an herb & ailment. When you find the right herb, you often just need to use a couple drops of the tincture (so your tinctures last waaaay longer than if you are taking a dropperful several times a day). And when you address the underlying cause such as nutrition you are going to have long last results.

WHAT WAS THE 2009 CLASS LIKE? This year's class, March - Oct. 2009 has been a lot of fun, we are down to our last few classes & have decided to continue with them, so the class will be extended. My students want to learn about more herbs and more about cleansing/detoxifying the body & other subjects I thought would be good to cover. We've had a lot of fun harvesting herbs bringing them in the house & making my kitchen a huge muddy mess of sticks & leaves as we made our remedies. Lots of laughing, lots of learning new things, some impromptu herbal wine making even! Along the way I realized that some homework would be great, so my students realize just how much they know & can do some thinking on their own. I have given just small assignments to share as a group, such as " a friend comes to you with complaints of having colds every few weeks, come up with an herbal tincture that would help her & give reasons why you chose those herbs." This gives everyone a chance to think about situations that will start coming up for them as an herbalist. I have tried to make the class as interesting as possible. Learning about herbs could be very clinical & boring. Along with learning the basic information about the herbs we study we also see the herb growing outside when possible, we use it dried, we make tinctures & other remedies from it, and we always taste the herb as an infusion. This appeals to all your senses & helps you to remember what the herb is for, what it looks like, what it tastes like.

Cost: Adult: $900
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Location: Various Venues - Nanaimo
, Nanaimo
This event is for Adults, Seniors, Student / College
More Info: Lin Suffron
[email protected]

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