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May 3, 2016

When life hands you lebons...

Is there anything sadder than a head cold on a warm summery day?

The sky might be blue and cloudless above but there's a heavy band of fog in my head. Even the heat from this unseasonably friendly sun can't break through the chill in my bones.

And the worst part? It's Mother's Day weekend, and I don't want this cold to spoil all the fabulous ideas I have for my mom's special visit! I have only three days to fashion an emergency cure, and I'm getting creative.

It's a lesson though, in taking each day as it comes, and in being prepared for whatever life sends your way. This week happens to be Emergency Preparedness Week, when we give serious thought to what we might need in an unexpected disaster. What's in your disaster kit?

Make sure to add lemons and vodka. I'm sure our moms will all agree that Lemon Drop Martinis are an excellent source of Vitamin C.

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