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 November 26, 2013

We are all made of star-stuff.

~Carl Sagan.

It seems impossible to comprehend, but as Comet ISON hurtles past us, it will be moving at 360km per second, with a tail more than 8 million km long. It's so fast, bright and old that we have little point of reference for it. Incredible.

Even if you should miss it though, there'll be plenty of other chances in the upcoming days to marvel at brilliant light in the night sky. And you won't need to get up in the wee hours, either.

One by one, main streets all across Vancouver Island are being set aglow in hundreds of shining lights, as communities gather to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with fun and festive downtown events.

Plan to be there as the lights go on in your town...and we'll see the twinkle of starlight in your eyes, too.

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