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         Seeking the Secret of Eternal Youth?

Want to see my new trick? I can make those stress lines around your eyes disappear in seconds. Just get me a school bell.

The kids are back in class, and parents everywhere are already feeling younger. Kidding aside, there is a kernel of truth here. The longer we keep feeling the joy of learning, the longer we'll stay youthful.

There are all kinds of great courses starting up this month, so why not try something new? You'll find some great ideas HEREHERE and HERE. There's more HERE, too.

It might not erase the wrinkles, but you'll be too busy to notice...and having too much fun to care.

While we're talking about old dogs learning new tricks, remember that the BC SPCA Paws for a Cause Walk is this month. I don't have the entire formula for eternal youth, but I do know that it's got something to do with pets and exercise!

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