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 April 4, 2017

This week's edition is brought to you by the number five.

Five is a fascinating number, isn't it?

We have five natural senses. We have five fingers and five toes, and it's actually thought that V, the Roman symbol for five, comes from the image of a hand with the five fingers spread. There are five oceans, five vowels in the alphabet, five Olympic rings and five players on a basketball team. There are five hotdogs in a package, and the five second rule always takes effect when you drop one. Hotdog buns come in packages of six though, a fact that five out of five people find annoying.

You'll find the fabulous number five everywhere...including right here on

This week we're thrilled to introduce our new High Five feature, a very special list of the five top must-do events happening on Vancouver Island for the month of April. Watch our High Five video to learn more, start making plans to be there...and get ready to Take Five!


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