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 May 2, 2017

On the power of all things great...and small.

The great things in life leave us speechless, shift our thinking and change our views.

If you don't think that the small things are just as powerful though, then you've never lost your house keys. Or forgotten your PIN number. Or left for vacation without your passport.

A great man once said "If you think you're too small to make a difference, you've never slept with a mosquito in the room." Moment to moment, it's the small things that determine which direction our lives will go, and this week we've got the opportunity to do one small thing that will define us: pick up a pencil and make a mark. Tuesday May 9th is BC Election Day. It just takes a small moment of our time to participate in the process, and to make it easier there are great opportunities all week for early voting.

And since we're talking about great things, you'll find more of them on this month's High Five list of top events HERE. While you're scheduling voting time, you'll definitely want to add those dates to your calendar, too!


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