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November 1, 2016

Whoever said you can't buy happiness...

Dog Fun

...forgot puppies. ~Unknown

Let's get a dog, we said. A puppy will be fun, we thought. We'll finally have fruit, we reasoned. It will chase raccoons out of the garden!

We found an adorable tiny ball of unknown parentage at the SPCA and brought it home. And now, a year later, that indiscriminate eater of all things is still growing bigger every day, a giant hazardous ball of boundless energy...that slumbers peacefully beside us in the dark as we lie awake listening to the raccoons' gleeful feasting.

I've been seen walking the roadside in pajamas and rubber boots. Love is blind. I have no free time. Love makes room. My house hasn't been spotless in over a year. Love is messy.

I have discovered the scent of friendship, and it smells just like a warm wet dog. And happiness? It smells just like a warm sleeping dog.

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