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 March 7, 2017

Vancouver Island's beaches are legendary.

Thousands of visitors from all over the world gather here in the summer to experience our sun-kissed coves and sparkling green waves, to enjoy music, festivals and celebrations of culture.

But for those who are willing to remain on those beaches long after the summer sun has faded away, an even bigger gathering takes place in the winter. For you, who brace yourself against the cold Pacific storms and find another kind of beauty in the mist-filled mornings and windy wet weather, this is the party you wait for all year long.

One of the most extraordinary events in the natural world is happening right now in the waters of the Salish Sea. From hawks to herons, seals to sea lions and from weasels to whales, everyone who is anyone is making their way to the shallow areas around our local beaches to join in the celebration. And so are the nature lovers who want to see them!

It's the herring run...and it's the biggest beach party of the year.


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