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 August 9, 2016

They never forget.

And they're the largest land mammals on this planet.

Did you know that an elephant is self aware and can recognize itself in a mirror? Elephants can 
live up to 70 years, and are deeply emotional and highly intelligent creatures with no natural predators in the wild. 

Did you know that the street value of one tusk is over $15,000? That there are fewer than 40,000 Asian elephants remaining worldwide, and one in three of those is captive? 

August 12th is World Elephant DayDid you know that this powerful global initiative was co-founded by a Vancouver Islander? Patricia Sims is a remarkable Victoria filmmaker whose 
work is directly helping the plight of the world's elephants right now. It's a really big job. 

And did you know that you can help too, with just the click of a button?


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