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 January 17, 2017

On making something worth crowing about.

As the Year of the Monkey comes to a close, I can honestly say that I'll be relieved to see the tail end of that saucy little simian. We've seen enough craziness and chaos. Enough noisy tree-swinging excitement.

But before we relax, peacefully thinking that all the bananas will soon be behind comes The Rooster! He's loud. He's brash. He struts around the yard flaunting his plumage. He makes ear-splitting, incomprehensible proclamations.

What we need to remember though, is that the rooster may rule the roost, but it's the hens who rule the rooster.

We are a tremendous flock of citizens in this world. In a Year of the Fire Rooster, though, nothing comes from simple luck. Rather, we will achieve great things by getting up at the crack of dawn and working together with brilliance, passion and righteousness ~ a golden egg.

I'll bet it's the real reason that chicken crossed the road.


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