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 February 14, 2017

A discovery is an accident meeting a prepared mind.

And Valentine's Day is a celebration of discovery. For what is love but an accident meeting a prepared heart?

This week, proclaim that love. Many will be declaring it with delectable candy or elegant dining. Some will be arranging concerts or buying precious jewels and expensive flowers. But some lovers are ordering a 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass instead. As part of the Canada 150 celebrations, it gives you free access to every single National Park, National Marine Conservation Area and National Historic Site operated by Parks Canada all year long.

Give him the sweetness of a spectacular coastal sunset. Serenade her with the music of songbirds as you float down a quiet river, water sparkling on your paddles like a hundred diamonds. Gift him ten thousand stunning mountain wildflowers in one breathtaking view.

Explore Canada's most special places together and delight in the joy of discovery. You'll be overwhelmed with love.


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