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 March 24, 2015

There's nothing there in the darkness...

...that isn't there in the daylight.

But have you ever noticed, though, how your other senses become more heightened when it's dark? How everything seems strange and unfamiliar?

That's because instead of relying on what we think we see, we are asked to turn inward to find out what's really happening around us. And that's exactly why lights are going off across the globe on March 28th at 8:30pm for Earth Hour.

It's not just an act of saving power. It's the action of turning our decision making power towards seeing things another way. It's both a symbol of our ability to come together and a gesture of our commitment to make change...because if we can do it for one hour, we can do it for two.

And who knows what other great ideas we'll come up with on a Saturday night in the dark?

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