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 July 23, 2013

The universe in a tiny white ball.

I've often heard that golf is an easy game to learn. I've also heard that the game is a joy to play. And I've also heard people insist that it actually is a game.

The more I fight with it though, the more I see the simple life truths that are revealed in each missed putt and every lost ball:

There will always be people who play better than us. There's something to learn in every game we play. We'll learn more from the misses than the hits. And the more we practice, the luckier we tend to get.

With some of the best courses in the country right here on Vancouver Island, there's no better place to glean some golf wisdom of your own, and no better time than now. Get out and have some fun. We play better when we stop trying so hard and work on enjoying it.

If we don't... it's probably the clubs.

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