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 December 2nd, 2014

The power of giving.

Were you a gifted child?  Let me tell you, I certainly was.

But before you get a picture of me composing symphonies at four or challenging Einstein's theory of relativity at twelve...what I'm talking about is the brightly wrapped pile of presents under the Christmas trees of my childhood. We learn to receive early in life.

But the real gifts come to us along the way: A broader view. A sense of purpose. A willingness to share. There are plenty of opportunities to put them to use right now, at many of the Benefit and Fundraising Events designed to repair and enrich the fabric of our communities, and make life better for our many neighbours in need of extra help.

Today is Giving Tuesday. Why not make it the day we decide to make giving a part of how we live every day? Give it some thought.


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