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 November 5, 2013

When's the best time to repair the roof?

When the sun is shining. ~JFK

Standing by the side of the road, I suddenly appreciate the value of Being Prepared. Not only knowing what to do, but how to do it.

Remember the old scouting days when you'd demonstrate mastery of a survival skill and receive a badge? There's merit in that system, and I think it's worth revisiting as adults of the Urban Wilderness.

Let's have badges for things like being able to hem our own pants. Cooking lunch. Negotiating the best phone package deal. Making the money last until payday.

And knowing where to find the spare tire.


While we're speaking about folks with skills, I should remind you that Christmas Craft Season has officially started. With nearly 100 craft fairs scheduled across Vancouver Island, none of us has an excuse not to be prepared for the upcoming holiday season!

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