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 April 28, 2015

The aftershock felt around the world.

The city of Kathmandu has moved from where it was last week. And the world has been moved
to help.

Located at the crossroads of rich world cultures and the spectacular gateway to the roof of the globe, the small country of Nepal is also one of the earth's poorest nations. In the aftermath of
last week's earthquake, it faces devastation of a size that can't yet be measured.

Did you know that any donations made between now and May 25th to a registered charity supporting the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund will be matched by our government?

Reach out. And while we're reaching out across the globe, let's reach out across the street. Now
is the perfect time to talk to our neighbours and families about an emergency preparedness plan.

Community is a force as powerful as nature when we're living on shaky ground.


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