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 July 19, 2016

Reality can be beaten...with enough imagination.

~Mark Twain 

How do we get kids more active? To spend more time outdoors? How do we inspire people to explore their local communities?

It seems that we've been looking for the answers in all the wrong places. Pokémon GO! has arrived in Canada this week, and people of all ages are suddenly gathering outside in search 
of fantastic creatures. They're walking. They're meeting. They're discovering. 

They're also looking for things that aren't really there.

Marvelous creatures really do hide in our forests and parks. There are local streets we've never visited, where delightful surprises really do await. Moments to catch. There is an incredible world 
to be walked and remarkable people to meet there. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, instead of merely being augmented reality, this game could augment our reality? After changing our sedentary habits and stimulating our sleeping joy of exploration, 
we would suddenly look up, awaken...and discover that we never needed the game at all.


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