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 March 28, 2017

Paddles up, everyone.

Most of us will never be elite athletes. We will probably never feel the thrill of winning a hockey game in an arena filled with tens of thousands of cheering fans or kick the winning field goal at the Grey Cup. It can be nearly impossible to relate to the larger-than-life sports heroes we see on the screen, then.

If you were asked to name three of the fastest growing sports, what would you say? Right here on Vancouver Island, Dragon BoatingPickleball and Stand Up Paddle Boarding are growing like chickweed on a sunny spring day. And that's a fantastic phenomenon, because all three are sports for a wide range of ages and abilities. Do you define yourself as not sporty? Believe that sport is just for other people? Then you just might be missing out on a life-altering experience.

No matter who we are, the true glory of sport is in moving our bodies in challenging new ways and surprising ourselves with the result. In setting brave personal goals, meeting great new people and reaching those goals alongside them. In feeling healthy, exhilarated and alive. Sport isn't just for the gifted few, but an unexpected gift that's available to every single one of us.

Is this the year that you'll be picking up a paddle, too?


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