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          What are our clients saying about us?

"The content on the Harbourliving site is compelling and my banner advertising on Harbourliving consistently achieves a solid click-through rate.  Iím confident that Iím reaching a segment of my target audience through this advertising activity."

Debra Jacklin

Marketing and Advertising Coordinator - Vancouver Island University

"The thing I like most is how easy it is to work with the sales reps.  Everyone is quick, efficient
and friendly."

Kate Chambers

Live Nation

"I like having access to the event calendar and click-through reports. The customer service is excellent and the designers very helpful. It's so easy to do!"    

Brenda Rositano

Nanaimo District Hospital Foundation

" provides targeted outreach to a wide network of people who are seeking activities and entertainment on Vancouver Island. Through simple navigation and weekly e-newsletters, browsers can proactively discover events that are relevant to their tastes and schedule.

As an event promoter, the opportunity to reach Harbourliving.caís active, information-seeking market is a valuable leap forward into the marketing process. Posting an event listing is quick and simple. I particularly like that the step-by-step interface, and the ability to manage my listings any time, from anywhere.

While some event sites become cluttered by advertising, carefully mixes site ads, feature listings, and weekly e-news blasts into a clean framework.  Businesses who want extra exposure have an excellent way to stand out from the crowd Ė without overwhelming browsers.

The team are dedicated to ensuring that paid and unpaid site content remains relevant to browsers and can be counted on to be hands-on when it comes to providing fast, professional customer support."

Heather Watters

WildPlay Parks

"I like that the staff will phone or email me with an idea for a promotional message. Sometimes I have a lot on the go, so the reminders and suggestions are appreciated. You take the thinking out of it for me and are creative in your design. You also seem to understand what we are about and donít try to sell us more than we need."

Hannah King

Marketing & Communications Specialist, City of Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, & Culture

"Back in the late 90ís, I felt there was a real need for a web site that was able to promote all of the events in the Nanaimo region so that the public could easily find what was going on and organizers could pick appropriate dates that didnít clash with other events .

It took some time for that to materialize, but one day Harbour came on to the scene. And thank goodness for that. Since its inception, Harbour has grown into the quintessential event web site not just for Nanaimo but for the entire island. It is an affordable, effective way to get the word out about the many fantastic events, festivals and activities we have on the island, and the staff are definitely committed to exemplary customer service.

As an event planner, Harbour has proven invaluable. Keep up the good work!"

Mark Corbett

Marketing & Events Coordinator, Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Association

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