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 January 19, 2016

How exactly does one address a haggis?

"To the furthest possible postal code." some might say.

Monday is Robbie Burns Day, and the ceremonial address to the haggis is as much a part of
the festivities as the pipes, plaids and poetry. And the whisky.

Does anyone know why? Maybe it's because Rabbie the Bard, Scotland's national poet, had a wicked sense of humour. Or maybe because he grew up in a turbulent time in Scotland's history, when such nutritious food may not always have been plentiful.

And make no mistake. Food is what a haggis is, so don't let a wiley Scot convince you to go out hunting for the wee fuzzy beasties in the heather. You can even give it a try this week at a local Burns Supper!

Personally though, I'll stick with the poetry. It's wonderful. And so is the whisky.


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