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 August 2nd, 2011

       The taste of summer a glass.

We may have reached summer's halfway mark, but there are still many Island events and activities yet to be discovered. On the top of our list is getting out to more of the great vineyards and orchards right here in our community. The rich bounty of Vancouver Island has stimulated enthusiastic interest among local food lovers, but don't forget that the 100-Mile Diet extends to beverages as well!

In every region of Vancouver Island there are wonderful wines, ciders and meads being produced by skilled and creative craftspeople...and spending time exploring them is one of summer's most rewarding treats. The scenery is spectacular and experiencing the unique approach of each producer makes for an enchanting day or weekend.

Maybe you're more interested in beers and spirits? Well, we've got that here too. A good place to start is at the Wine Islands Vintners Association website, where you'll find more information and a map to help plan your adventure. Let's toast to summer...and the half-glass remaining.

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