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Nestbox Building

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Saturday, March 26th, 2022
10:00 AM to 11:30 PM

This is an event for children and families. As spring approaches, now is the time to put out a nest box to enhance nesting habitat for some local bird species. At our event we will be:

- lea

rning about the different kinds of nests that birds build, which kinds use nestboxes and why. - looking at a fantastic collection of nests that we can explore, examiningthe different materials that birds use for nestbuilding (some might surprise you!).

- We will also learn about what we need to do to be good nestbox stewards, because as a human-built structure we have a responsibility to keep our nestboxes free from parasites and other things that can be harmful to birds.

- building nestboxes (1 for each family) that can be brought home for use in your yard, or can be donated to be erected in a local part and maintained by the family (with our support of course).

- learning how to monitor nestbox use

RSVP for this event is REQUIRED. please email [email protected] to tell us you are coming, or there will be no beatbox materials ready for you to build with.

$10 donation for materials is requested.

Cost: Donation
Suggested: $10
Category: Everything Else
Location: Bowen Park - lower picnic shelter
110 Wall street, Nanaimo
This event is for Adults, Kids, Seniors
More Info: Linda Brooymans
[email protected]
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