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Meeting The Ground

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Meeting the Ground is Renée Poisson’s multifaceted installation, scheduled for CVAG’s contemporary galleries, and comprised of sculptural elements, printed matter, video projection and collaborative performances, preceded by an artist residency.

installation + performance residency January 4 – 22, 2016
exhibition January 22 – March 4, 2016
opening event + performance Friday, January 22, 7 – 9pm
artist talk Friday, January 22, 6pm
publication launch + performance Saturday, March 5, 2pm

Renée’s research is immersive, with an emphasis on dissolving identity through her ongoing experience of walking towards death, as a healthy aging person, using the repeated practice of deliberate uncontrolled falling, recording and then examining the movements.

Meeting the Ground is a metaphor for death. The vivid reality of falling, aging and dying is difficult to relate to in a personal physical way. Aware that there is no escape, Renee inhabits and explores “this body country, a territory of possibilities, unknowns and unavoidable intensities.” Facing her fear of death, the artist considers the resistance and release of the body in relation to falling onto and into soft ground. Experiencing fear in the body, Renée investigates its rapport with fear in the mind. The practice of falling is a way to approach figuratively that instant between life and death. Finding the body in the fall is to find life in the preparation for death.

Meeting the Ground is part of CVAG’s exhibition series In this body: journeys in places of meeting, residing at the intersection of art and the everyday. The participating artists share affinities for creating and activating occurrences of being in this body, as they confront and negotiate the complex experiential terrain of family life, making space for death, and interspecies collaborations.

In this body invites conversation about the myriad ways in which the artists encounter and deal with interpersonal dynamics, history, culture, behaviors, architecture, landscape and politics, and how these influences inform our changing sense of self.

The performative characteristics of each of these new works connect the artists’ vision directly with the real and present body and this informs their research, presentation and interactions with participants/audience. CVAG values the opportunity to support new site-responsive, collaborative and interactive projects by established contemporary artists engaged in taking risks and extending their practice into new territory.

Collaborative Performers: Renée Poisson, Susan Cook, Ann Marie Lisch, Nicole Crouch, Holly Bright

Adjunct Workshops with Margo McLoughlin:
January 31 – Meeting the Ground of Life and Death Workshop, For adults, 1 – 4pm
February 1 – Storytelling and Mindfulness Workshops, For children + youth, 11am – 12pm and 1 – 2pm
February 28 – Dancing with the Messengers Workshop, For adults, 10am – 4pm
February 29 – Storytelling and Mindfulness Workshops, For children + youth, 11am – 12pm and 1 – 2pm

Cost: Donation
Category: Arts | Entertainment
    Gallery | Exhibition
Location: Comox Valley Art Gallery
580 Duncan Avenue, Courtenay
This event is for Everyone
More Info: Comox Valley Art Gallery
[email protected]

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