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Mammoths ~ Giants of the Ice Age

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016
Summer Hours (May 20 � October 8) Sunday � Thursday: 10:00 am � 5:00 pm Friday & Saturday: 10:00 am � 10:00 pm

Sometimes standing more than 14 feet tall, mammoths and mastodons towered over the lands of Europe, Asia and North America from as long ago as 1.8 million years in the past to as recently as 10,000 years ago, during the Ice Age. And now they’re here at the Royal BC Museum.

Beginning in June 2016, the Royal BC Museum presents the rare opportunity to see the larger-than-life exhibition, Mammoths! Giants of the Ice Age, in partnership with The Field Museum in Chicago.This engaging and interactive look at these magnificent creatures transports visitors to a time when giants walked among us and humans struggled to survive in a world they had yet to conquer. For the first time ever in Canada, you are able to see Lyuba, a 40,000 year-old baby woolly mammoth. Discovered in Siberia in 2007, Lyuba is the world’s most complete preserved mammoth. This is a remarkable opportunity for visitors to see an animal – now extinct – that once roamed across much of BC.Through a rich collection of fossils, casts, preserved flesh, immersive media and engaging interactives, visitors will discover the Proboscidean family tree, from woollies to mastodons to dwarves to modern-day elephants, immersed in a richly animated Ice Age panorama. Visitors can walk through the ancient landscapes where mammoths and mastodons lived and learn how today’s scientists excavate and learn more about these amazing animals, their eventual extinction and whether it’s possible to clone them today.

Studies of ancient cave drawings give evidence of how early humans both hunted and honoured these massive creatures. And visitors have the opportunity to touch mammoth tusks and mastodon teeth, and learn about some of their fierce neighbours such as dire wolves and sabre-toothed cats.

The exhibition opening coincides with a dramatic update to the Royal BC Museum’s Natural History gallery, featuring a dynamic and fresh retelling of BC’s own Ice Age history through new interactive displays. Visitors will see dramatic new evidence in the form of a radiocarbon-dated mammoth tooth from the Colwood Delta that has given the museum a completely new understanding of Vancouver Island’s Ice Age.

Cost: Adult: $24 (19+yrs)
Child: $Free (3-5yrs)
Senior: $17 (65+)
Student: $17 (6-18)
Category: Arts | Entertainment
    Gallery | Exhibition
Location: Royal BC Museum
675 Belleville Street, Victoria
This event is for Everyone
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