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Jewellery Instructional Classes

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Saturday, April 5th, 2014
Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays from April 1st to June 7th

For the first session which last ten weeks, there is room enough for fifteen students.

There will be three separate classes of five students each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Each session lasts two hours making the whole course twenty hours long. Some of the skills which will be taught are: Filing, Sawing, Soldering, textures, patinas, shaping and casting.
The total cost of the course is $500.00 plus GST

For those people who have already had instruction in jewellery making, work benches, tools and instruction will be available in the afternoons Tuesday through Saturday to rent at $25.00 plus GST an hour.

There will be workshops available off and on which specialize in certain areas of jewellery making. For these workshops, one needs to have had previous training.

Please come to SIMPLY TIMELESS to sign up and to find out more of what will be available.
International Gold Smith & Artist: Tim Haley

Ten Week Session for Beginners Jewelry Course
This course is designed to help the student be creative in their own personal style using the support of technical expertise. The Student will learn at different speeds and will not be at all penalized for being too slow or too fast. This is only a course outline giving the student an idea of what can be achieved. Also the Student will be encouraged and helped to set up a work area at home if they so desire. It is with this notion that the Student can learn and have fun in the process.

1. Week One: A short discussion on the naming of tools, their uses including demonstrations and how to use them with care to protect the tool and one�s self from harm. First a drawing on paper will be developed to design a pair of earrings. Each person then will be given a piece of a sheet copper to cut with the saw and form using the pliers supplied. The first project is to make a pair of earrings from the copper and brass wire.
2. Week two: Will be the continuation of making the earrings and using the torch to solder on some brass wire to the copper for decorative purposes and applying the ring for attaching the shepherd hook. The earrings then will be cleaned and polished. Silver wire will be used to make the shepherd hooks.
3. Week Three: Using the torch, the student will create a pendent in bronze by dropping it in water to create a nugget. Then with copper sheet will be cut out to make a bale and then applied to the nugget by soldering. Filing and polishing will be the finishing of the piece.
4. Week Four: Again cutting by sawing from a sheet of copper a blank to form a ring around a mandrel, the student will begin making a ring that they have designed on paper. This includes filing, soldering and shaping. There can be open pierced work in combination with brass or bronze overlay.
5. Week Five: Finishing the ring and possibly starting a new project of which can be a cast piece of jewelry.
6. Week Six: A wax can be cut and carved to form any kind of jewelry which they have designed on paper. The students will be gating the piece with wax and applying it to the sprew form. The form then will be cast.
7. Week Seven: The cast piece will be finished by filing and polishing. Depending on the design, there may be other jobs applied to the cast piece.
8. Week Eight, Nine and Ten: A final and new project will begin utilizing the skills already learned. This will take up the final three weeks of the ten week series.

Tim Haley Bio

�To define Art is to negate Art�
-Tim Haley-

Los Angeles, California, 1945 �
American-born, Canada-based painter, sculptor and printmaker, Tim Haley is a mid-career artist working in various FIGURATIVE styles.
�To Define Art is to Negate Art�. Tim Haley
Trained at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, he was also the owner of Objets d�Art Fine Arts Gallery, in addition to being a sculptor of Bronze, Steel, Wood and Stone, a painter in Oils, Acrylics and Watercolours, a Fine Art Printmaker, Photographer and Goldsmith. He also owned and operated the Vancouver Island Bronze Arts Foundry, the only commercial bronze arts foundry on Vancouver Island at that time. Tim and his wife Sekai now own and operate �Simply Timeless� a Jewellery and Fashion Boutique set on Fourth Street in Down Town Courtenay, B.C.
Tim began his interest in art at the age of eight under the tutelage of his Great Aunt who was a Watercolourist. In high school he was inspired by his art teacher to take up art as a possible profession which in turn was his decision to do so. Living in Nova Scotia, Tim found a lack of jobs and began working in Silver and Lapidary to produce jewellery for tourism. He and his family moved to Connecticut in the United States in the late 1960�s where he worked as a goldsmith on a production line building watch cases. At this time he became interested in carving ivory. He later moved briefly to Boston where he worked for a master goldsmith. In 1969 Tim found himself in Toronto working as head designer and Model maker for the largest Jewellery charm manufacturer in Canada �Rembrandt Charms�. His ivory carving became more and more advanced to the point where in 1978, he was commissioned by the Bishop of the diocese of Los Angelis to create a bishop�s crosier out of ivory, gold and yew wood. He started to collect art in the late 1970�s. It was because of this that he got interested in the techniques of printmaking as this is what he was predominately collecting. Because of his sculpture, in the later part of the 1990�s, Tim was invited to participate in three different international invitational out of doors sculptural exhibits in Holland and Belgium. He was the only Canadian representative to these worldwide showings. Tim is a firm believer in �By the seat of his pants�.
He has exhibited in Canada, United States and Europe. His work is in collections in Canada, United States, Philippines, and Zimbabwe and in many countries throughout Europe including England, Nederland�s, Belgium, Spain and Scandinavia.

A most recent selected list of his EXHIBITIONS is as follows:
2009- �Spinal Tap Needle Show�, Stone Hunter Gallery, Courtenay, B.C. Group Show
2008- �Merkin and Codpiece Show�, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, B.C. Group Show
2002 -�The Print as a Fine Art Form�, Provincial Museum, Courtenay, B.C.
2000 -Kunsthandel Wersch Galerij, Heerlen, Nederland
1999 -Vancouver East Cultural Centre Gallery, Art & Artists of the 20th Century, Vancouver, B.C.
-Comox Valley Art Gallery, 25th Anniversary Exhibit, Courtenay, B.C.
-Insitu Kunst, International Invitational Sculpture Exhibit, Borgloon, Belgium
-Beeld 99, International Invitational Sculpture Exhibit, Sittard, Nederland
-Kunst Groen, International Invitational Sculpture Exhibit, Sint. Truiden, Belgium
-Kunst en Kultuur "Bernice", Luyks Gestel, Nederland
-C.V.A.G., International Invitational 2-D Exhibit, Courtenay, B.C.
1998 -Courtenay Provincial Museum, one man show, Courtenay, B.C.
-The Eye Gallery, group show, Courtenay, B.C.
-Luna Gallery, two man show, Sittard, Nederland
1997 -Medicine Hat Provincial Art Gallery, one man show, Medicine Hat, Alberta
-L.M. Arts, one man show, Zonhoven, Belgium
-Zoutkist, one man show, St. Truiden, Belgium
-Sculptors Guild of Vancouver Island Group Show, Bamberton, B.C.
-Comox Valley Community Arts Council Gallery, "2+2", Four Person Show, Courtenay, B.C.
-Objets d'Art Fine Arts Gallery, Four Person Show, Courtenay, B.C.
-The Wilsdon Gallery, Group Show, Courtenay, B.C.
-The Old School House Gallery, one man show, Qualicum, B.C.
2011- �The Fine Art of Print Making�, Comox Valley Art Gallery
2002- �The Art of the Print�, Provincial Museum, Courtenay, B.C.
2002- �Art History�, Provincial Museum, Courtenay, B.C. ___________
�My work (art) reflects the process of moving from one stage of life to another. There is laughter, joy, deep mourning, anguish and celebration of life. Although my work is but a by-product of my life, it is a bridge of understanding from one person to another, and therein lies its significance.�

Simply Timeless
Jewellery instruction classes available. Custom designed and hand crafted Jewellery. Full Jewellery repair service and ring sizing while you wait. Jewellery and Fine Arts Appraisals. Fine Art Gallery

Cost: Adult: $500/series
Category: Arts | Entertainment
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Location: Simply Timeless
379 4th Street, Courtenay
This event is for Adults
More Info: Tim Haley
[email protected]
250 871 0606
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