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Saturday, July 28th, 2012
12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Opening Friday, July 13, 7 to 10pm

"I use collaged paper to compose what could be called geometric abstraction, but I sometimes think of it as heretical geometry: formalism combined with the psychedelic.

Paper is a kind of everyman material, both modest and dynamic, capable of anything. Dangerously exacting, it lets me work quickly and intuitively, moving shapes around until the right note has been struck. Even though I use collage techniques, my work, with its strong hues and sleek surfaces, relates more to pop serigraph than traditional cut-and-paste.

My work is utopian in nature, rational, harmonious, and balanced. Rather than narratives or emotional gestures, I'm presenting a kind of transcendentalism. Blazing colour is contained within precision and structure, and the effect is something that is loud and silent at the same time. The colour sings, but the content is mute. This is why I take a quote from experimental musician John Cage as the title of this exhibition: Cage famously took himself out of the equation, suggesting any meaning must be found and understood only by the viewer." - Sarah Gee, June, 2012

Sarah Gee is an artist living and working in Vancouver BC. Primarily working with collaged paper, her geometric compositions are kaleidoscopic, harmonious and pensive. Concerned with regularity and equilibrium, her work strives toward a kind of transcendental austerity augmented by dazzling color. Continually experimenting, she has recently completed a series of scorched-paper images as well as large-scale discs abstracting a city block into a series of sequential color bands

Cost: Category: Arts | Entertainment
    Gallery | Exhibition
Location: Deluge Contemporary Art
636 Yates Street, Victoria
This event is for Everyone
More Info: Deborah de Boer
[email protected]
250 385 3327
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