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Breathe: A breathwork Workshop

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2022
6:00 PM to 8:59 PM

Every ancient healing tradition has incorporated breath work as a healing modality, Ayervedic Medicine teaches pranayama and Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes chi gong. These healing practices were used to elevate the vital or healing energy of the body. TCM teaches that the life force first comes from the union of the egg and sperm from one's mother and father, but after birth, this prana or chi comes from food and breath. Even though breath is even more critical than food for life (we can only live minutes without air but many weeks without food), we pay attention to food but take breathing for granted. In this workshop, learn to breathe properly and utilize breath to decrease stress and maximize health. Although breathwork gives all the same benefits as meditation, the main advantage is that it can be successfully done with eyes open so can be utilized at any time, even in a busy meeting or in the midst of chaos around you. Dr. Yim has been practicing breath work for over 30 years, but this is the first time he is sharing his favourite techniques with others. Be the first to join him and add breath work to your health regime.

Cost: Adult: $50.27
Category: Everything Else
Location: VitaCare Natural Health Clinic
2147 Bowen Road, Nanaimo
This event is for Adults
More Info: Beth Yim
[email protected]
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