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Art Show- Refuge

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2022
Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5pm Sunday 12pm – 4pm


In challenging times, we seek refuge to satisfy our basic bodily needs for shelter, warmth and protection. Usually we think of a refuge as a physical place, such as our home, a safe building, or possibly a spot under a warm blanket. However, art can also provide refuge, if only to our weary eyes and battered souls. As viewers of art, we escape into imagined or real scenes and allow our minds to travel through the depth or lightness of colour, whimsy or structure of line and form. As artists, we find our art production provides a retreat into creativity and imagination. The act itself lends a departure from the day to day. The exhibition, REFUGE offers a peaceful sanctuary separate from the urgency of the outside world. The seven artists (llka Bauer, Leslie Bell, Elizabeth Carefoot, Anna B Grant, Gabriela Hirt, MJ Hughes and Jane Michiel) work across media and through different techniques to create art that together speaks to our human need for refuge.

Cost: Free Event
Category: Arts | Entertainment
    Gallery | Exhibition
Location: Gage Gallery Arts Collective
19 Bastion Square, Victoria
This event is for Everyone
More Info: Anna Grant
[email protected]
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