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Anti-racism Arts Festival

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

48-hour Film Challenge Led by Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation

Teams of local amateur and professional filmmakers are given 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit short films with the themes of anti-racism. Teams are required to integrate a quote into their film that will be assigned to them. Teams will have online help from anti-racist filmmakers during the challenge in order to explore the topic of racism on a deeper level. No larger than four people a team will be permitted to enter the festival. Online orientations for the film competition will occur where teams will be coach in the rules of the competition as well as appropriate COVID protocols. Teams witnessed breaking any rules, including protocols, will be disqualified. Winners of the film challenge will receive prizes! ​Register for free

Diana Bieri

Food and Learn Workshops We often fail to realize how much language influences our view of the world and people. Join one our sessions meant to expand your recipe collection and knowledge of another language. These workshops will keep you wanting to eat and learn more.

​Experience the Philippines: Cook Filipino Cuisine and Learn Tagalog

​Presenter: Diana Bieri has been an educator for the last fifteen years, living in several countries and working in multicultural environments. She is grateful for her traveling experiences, which allowed her to immerse in various cultures and especially try authentic cuisines. She tries to incorporate the world's lovely flavours into her home cooking; for example, adding heat to otherwise non-spicy dishes from the Philippines, her home country. She looks forward to sharing the afternoon with you, showing you how to cook two of the most common Filipino dishes: adobo and lumpiang shanghai.

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Shirin Younessian  Experience Persia: Cook Persian Cuisine and We are Dancing too! Presenter: Cooking with Shirin! Local Nanaimo “Bees Knees Café” owner Shirin Younessian is bringing their March “Persian Cuisine” celebrations to the Festival! Learn a move or two of “Persian dance” and most important of all have a delicious supper at the end to share with family and loved ones. If this date does not work for you visit for more workshops being offered in March, funds being raised to support local community organizations. Register quickly as we have a limit of 20 attendees to help us to make sure everyone’s getting their questions answered. ​

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Churmy Fan Experience China: The Art of Chinese Dumplings: History, Origin and Tradition Presenter: As the only members of her family living in Canada at the time, Churmy Fan and her parents made friends through food. Having lived in Canada for over 20 years now, Churmy enjoys rediscovering many traditional Chinese cuisines and adding her own flare to her cooking.

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Yuvraj Singh Explore the world of head coverings Focus on Sikh Turban Head coverings have been in existence long before the introduction of any religion and are worn by people who follow various religious traditions. Learn about the history of the Sikh Turban and its meaning. ​

Presenter: Yuvraj Singh is a community leader, volunteer organizer, student researcher and Alberta youth parliamentarian who has been serving the Alberta community as a member of various community boards, engaging in student leadership at the U of C, a part of national youth development councils and by spearheading community projects such as interfaith programs, food drives and debate/public speaking mentorship with community stakeholders.

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Elder Gary Manson Sacred Hand Drum Making Workshop A drum is a medicine used as the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is a tool for bringing out someone’s voice or songs and can be used as one beat with all the drums of the world for bringing out creative energy. The cost is $130 per participant, for materials and teachings. Participants go home with a drum that they have created. If you would like to observe and participate online this will also be available, at no cost. Register below.

Presenter: Donna Manson will guide us through the making of a sacred drum. Donna is a member of the Snuneymuxw First Nation and is married to Gary Manson.

In-person paid participation: Due to COVID restrictions, at the time of this announcement, only 8 people are permitted to participate in person, so please register quickly! Register here:

* The cost is $130 per participant CVIMS will contact you for payment once registered Online free participation: If you would like to observe and participate online this will also be available, at no cost. Register here:

Introduction to the language of the Snuneymuxw: Hul'q'umin'um' The language of the Snuneymuxw is Island Hul'q'umin'um', a living language that expresses their worldview and way of life. Hul'q'umin'um' is one of the twenty-three Salishan languages of southwestern Canada and the northwestern United States.

​Presenter: Elder Gary Manson. “Uncle” Gary was born on the mouth of the Snuneymuxw River in 1948. He now lives 100 feet from where he was born. Married to Donna Manson, they have six children and eight grandchildren. Gary is a survivor of Residential School and deeply connected to culture and land. He has worked as an Elder for the past five years in healing circles, is a regular canoe journey participant and is glad to sit as an elder at Vancouver Island University.

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Wunmi Idowu Evolution and Revolution of African Braids The discovery of ancient stone paintings depicting women with cornrows in North Africa shows that braids date back thousands of years. A specific look could indicate the community that you belong to, your marital status or your age; and these hairstyles were passed down through the matriarchs of each generation. Understand the significance of African braids, how to appreciate them and watch a tutorial.

Presenters: Wunmi Idowu is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, instructor, performer, producer and the Founder and Director of Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. She is also an educator and equity consultant with the focus of influencing change by using the transformative power of the arts. With a multidisciplinary approach that blends African music, dance, theatre and storytelling.

Folu Ayodele-Daniels is the founder and Creative Director of The FAD Beauty Hub. Folu is a trained Healthcare Management Professional, but very passionate about the beauty industry. In 2016, she started the journey to creating a beauty Hub which shall be the effective center for all beauty activities as time goes on. Her goal is to give all clients their expected outcome upon every visit and ensure each person leaves the space high spirited, looking confident and more beautiful.

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Panel Discussion on Addressing Racism in our Community (Panel TBC)

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Red Carpet Short Film Screenings On the night before the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, join us for a red carpet gathering and screening from the film challenge. Prizes and winners of the film challenge will be rewarded by a local jury. Be sure to support your local filmmakers, and dress up!

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