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Anne of Green Gables - The Musical!

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Sunday, May 25th, 2014
May 23 - 7pm May 24 - 2pm May 25 - 2pm May 31 - 2pm May 31 - 7:30pm June 1 - 2pm

The Charlottetown Festival�s famous full length musical turns 50 this year. To celebrate, Four Seasons Musical Theatre Society is bringing Anne Shirley � that�s �Anne with an �e�� � of Green Gables fame to life, complete with music, period costumes, sets and props and a horse carriage load of magic. They hope to transport audiences back to 1908 into the small town world of beautiful Prince Edward Island.

May 23 - 7:00pm
May 24 - 2:00pm
May 25 - 2:00pm
May 31 - 2:00pm
May 31 - 7:30pm
June 1 - 2:00pm

If you have ever visited Lucy Maud Montgomery�s house in Prince Edward Island you will see her old manual typewriter. That typewriter is where Anne�s journey began over a century ago, which continues to resonate with audiences all over the world today. That is the house that Montgomery used as a model for Marilla and Matthew�s house in her famous book series, right down to Anne�s bedroom. Four Seasons plans to carry on that century plus of tradition. It is sobering and amazing to think that this article is written on keys arranged in a way that would be familiar to Montgomery, except that instead of the screen she had a blank canvas of white paper. And for readers here, instead of imagining Anne they will have the opportunity to see her in real life before them.

Anne of Green Gables is a classic tale that strikes a chord with millions of people from all walks of life and from many different cultures. For instance, it is one of the most beloved stories in far away Japan. Could Montgomery have dreamed that would happen? It is beloved likely because the basics of the story are familiar with all of us. Many societies have tales with similar themes. These familiar themes are part of the very fabric of the history of literature and storytelling. Perhaps that is why Montgomery�s original novels did so well and became international bestsellers making her famous in her lifetime.

What are the themes that make this story so engaging? In a nutshell Anne of Green Gables is a very uniquely �Canadian� Cinderella story � a poor orphaned girl with few prospects in life becomes accepted into a loving home and close knit community � seemingly against all odds. It is a rags to riches tale set against simple folk in a simple community, and who seem so familiar to us because we all know people like them.

Recently, The Victoria Operatic Society staged Annie, a uniquely American version of the Cinderella story. Last summer, Peninsula Players and the Muse Winery staged a locally written comedy (by Sasha Moriarty-Shieven) called Cabernet near Deep Cove, which had similar themes. This proves that tales of acceptance against all odds mean something to us � and likely always will. Four Seasons is honoured to bring Langford, Greater Victoria and the Island their interpretation of such a tale. Families will love it!

Tickets online here: or in person at:

Jenning's Florist - 2508 Estevan Ave. Oak Bay 250-477-9538
Ivy's Bookshop - 2188 Oak Bay Ave. Oak Bay 250-598-2713
Westside Instaprint - 2811 Jacklin Rd. Langford 250-478-5533

Cost: Adult: $18
Child: $12
Family: $54
Category: Arts | Entertainment
Location: Isabelle Reader Theatre
1026 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria
This event is for Everyone
More Info: Waffa Jennings - Producer
[email protected]

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