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3 Day Sculpture Workshop

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Saturday, July 24th, 2021
Saturdays 10am-2:30 pm, Wednesday 4pm-8pm

A special opportunity to explore and enjoy the wonderful world of sculpture with artist Ruben Galdames!

Over three different days you will transform a block of clay into a life-sized clay bust (from the neck up) of someone you know or wish to depict. Instructor Ruben will go through armature preparation, design and creation of your piece, clay sculpting, and preparation for firing and glazing. Basic underglaze colours will be provided by Ruben. If you would like special underglaze colours, please bring them along.

We will take a 30-minute lunch break on the two Saturday sessions. Water, coffee, and tea will be provided.

Please Bring:

- a bag lunch

- an apron, or clothes that can get muddy

- an image of the person you would like to depict

- basic clay sculpting tool set

Questions about this workshop or COVID procedures? Email Shannon at [email protected]

This is an in-persons experience, we follow COVID 19 safety procedures to protect anyone visiting our space. Masks are mandatory.

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