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2024 Victoria Film Festoval- Hey, Viktor!

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Monday, February 5th, 2024
The Vic Theatre. Feb 3 7:45 pm- 9:27 pm Odeon Victoria. Feb 5. 3:00 pm- 4:42 pm

In Hey Viktor! we track the chaos of Cody Lightning, former child actor most famous for his role as “Young Victor” in the iconic 1998 film Smoke Signals. Cody is washed up, burnt out and reeking of desperation. He’s looking to capitalize on what’s left of his previous fame to make Smoke Signals 2. With the help of his manager, Kate, played by Hannah Cheesman, and some shady funding, Cody commandeers a crew who were hired to film his intervention in order to make this unauthorized sequel.

They hit the ground stumbling, only managing to enlist one member of the previous Smoke Signals cast, Young Thomas, played by the grown-up Simon Baker. Other members of the cast either decline or agree not to press charges in Cody’s pursuit of them. Everything begins to unravel on set, and disaster and confusion ensue around the production. Cody pushes those close to him away and burns any remaining bridges he has. An unredeemable figure, once a hero to his community, this former child star must choose to pick up the pieces or walk away from the spotlight forever. – BHC

Cost: Adult: $13.33
Category: Arts | Entertainment
Everything Else
    Ethnic | Multi-Cultural
Location: Vic Theatre
808 Douglas St., Victoria
This event is for Adults, Seniors, Singles, Student / College
More Info: Victoria Film Festival
[email protected]
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