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 February 25, 2014

A deadline is negative inspiration.

Still, it's better than no inspiration at all. ― Rita Mae Brown

Is it just me, or have you ever noticed that you do your best work when you've got the least time? The most efficient people I know are the ones with the biggest to-do lists. Why is that?

Maybe the sharpest and most creative parts of our brains need to be squeezed a little to shine. Maybe we need a little fright to stimulate our flight. Or maybe it's simply that when we don't have the luxury of infinite time to consider every option, we're forced to act. And that's what living demands of us: action. A very wise man once said that a deadline is the difference between a dream and a goal.

And while we're talking about deadlines...the last day to get your Lotto for Life ticket from the Nanaimo District Hospital Foundation is this Friday. With a grand prize of $100,000 it could be the difference between a dream and reality.

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