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 November 8, 2016

The fragile red petals of the poppy.

The poppy is a delicate and graceful flower whose seeds will germinate in the harshest of climates, from the top of the high mountains to the bottom of parched valleys. Their whisper thin petals are so easily bruised. Atop impossibly thin stems, they open in a radiant burst of life, turn their brilliant faces to the sun for a few short days, and then are scattered away with the wind.

When we wear a poppy this week, we're telling the world that we remember each brave and beautiful life lost in war and that we share the weight of every sorrow endured because of that heavy sacrifice.

Plant a poppy somewhere this week, too. When Remembrance Day is long past and the darkness of winter is over, a stranger will suddenly be reminded of the fragile wonder of life and will reflect on the power of that seed planted by unknown hands.


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