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October 18, 2016

Come on everybody...Let's Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Rock and roll

The long days, river swims and warm sunshine may be behind us...but we've sure got a lot to look forward to. This is the season of book clubs, mushroom picking and self-watering gardens.

Fall also brings an endless supply of great live music to the Island, and we've already got over 500 concerts to choose from! The light may be going down, but remember, that's when the shows start. From spectacular symphonies to fabulous folk, you'll find it all in our Concerts sectionHERE.

Your dance moves will also come in handy this week as we get ready for the biggest earthquake drill in history. Register now for theGreat BC Shakeouton October 20th...and know what to do when the serious rocking and rolling starts.


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