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November 3, 2015

The wet ground is covered in a brilliant blanket.

It's almost as if the trees themselves are asking us to pay attention, reminding us not to forget them as they settle into winter's sleep.

And how could we? There are few things on this earth so vital to life. Here on the west coast of Canada, there is nothing that defines our culture, livelihoods and lifestyle more strongly than the forest.

Did you know that a single 30 meter tree can absorb over 23kg of carbon dioxide in a year and create over 2300kg of oxygen? That it can transpire over 375 litres of water into the air in the same day, and that it's cooling effect would be similar to 10 small air conditioners operating for 20 hours? Did you know that the oldest and heaviest organism on the earth is a colony of trees, the Trembling Giant in Utah?

That no tree dies of old age?

There is ancient wisdom in the forests. Listen for it when you're out walking this week...and spend a few moments in the company of its stately messengers.


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