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 February 3rd, 2015

So will we be seeing six more weeks of winter?

The experts can't seem to agree.

From the Weather Wizard, Wiarton Willie, to the Prairie Prognosticator, Balzac Billy...groundhogs all over the place wildly differed in their solemn seasonal proclamations yesterday. And it's no wonder. That's a whole lot of meteorological responsibility for such tiny rodents, isn't it?

I saw several vehicles with surfboards heading for the west coast this past weekend. Seed catalogues are arriving in the mail. The daffodils are coming up. I mowed the lawn. Let's draw our own conclusions, agree to call it spring-like...and start making our long weekend plans. Never mind the shadows!

We can forgive the groundhog for his moment of indecision. With thirteen children, can you imagine the kind of pressure he must be under on Family Day?


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