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 February 7, 2017

We are family. Get up everybody and sing.

Sister Sledge said that. It was Marcelina Hardy who said that a family is what makes you who you are...and who you aren't.

Mitch Albom says that sticking with family is what makes it family. JS Foer said that family is the people who will do things for you that they hate, and Deb Caletti said that it is those who put their arms around you and love you when you're not so lovable.

I say that it's the people who are still standing beside you after everyone else has gone. The truth is, we are born into only one part of our family and then spend the rest of our lives finding the other parts, and it's truly something to celebrate.

February 13th is BC Family Day. However we define it, take a day to treasure those brave souls who know us best...and love us anyway.


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