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May 23, 2017

Ask and you shall receive.

Last week I was begging for summer sunshine, and like magic it appeared. The wellies have made way for watering cans, sweaters have been replaced with swimsuits, and the sweet smell of smoke in the air is finally from campfires instead of woodstoves.

The May long weekend is a kind of test run for the rest of the summer, and by the look of it, we're all going to need to learn to pace ourselves. This week I'm begging for aloe vera cream and an air conditioner.

Thankfully, summer theatre season has also begun. So when you're done playing outside...catch a play inside. Spending a few hours in a blissfully dark and cool theatre watching someone else's family drama is the perfect escape. This summer, the play's the thing! From comedy to tragedy and from musicals to satires, Vancouver Island theatre has everything you could ask for.

May 16, 2017

Living the vida local.

Don't you wish that there was a central place where people could gather and connect in a real and meaningful way?

It would be a place where you could stroll with your family and listen to great live music. Where you could chat with your neighbours and meet new people. Where you could invest in local business and grow your local economy. Where you could eat fantastic food. Where you could find all the basics for a fresh meal and have a conversation with the people who produced them.

Well guess what? That place is right around the corner from you...and looks suspiciously like your local Vancouver Island Farmers Market.

Looking for something fabulous to do this week? Get fresh. Get yourself to a market!

May 9, 2017

There are things you'll just never hear a mother say...

"Yes, I definitely think we should get a dog. I'd love to walk it for you every morning."
"Let me smell that shirt.'ll be good for a few more days."
"A curfew is really just a suggested time. You go ahead and do what works best for you."

Another thing that you'll never hear a mother say is that she spends way too much time doing things with her kids. This weekend, why not give her the gift of time together? From brunches to bird watching, you'll find tons of great ideas to get your planning started HERE. Whether you're making memories with your mother or taking a special moment in your day to remember her...have a Happy Mothers Day.

May 2, 2017

On the power of all things great...and small.

The great things in life leave us speechless, shift our thinking and change our views.

If you don't think that the small things are just as powerful though, then you've never lost your house keys. Or forgotten your PIN number. Or left for vacation without your passport.

A great man once said "If you think you're too small to make a difference, you've never slept with a mosquito in the room." Moment to moment, it's the small things that determine which direction our lives will go, and this week we've got the opportunity to do one small thing that will define us: pick up a pencil and make a mark. Tuesday May 9th is BC Election Day. It just takes a small moment of our time to participate in the process, and to make it easier there are great opportunities all week for early voting.

And since we're talking about great things, you'll find more of them on this month's High Five list of top events HERE. While you're scheduling voting time, you'll definitely want to add those dates to your calendar, too!

April 25, 2017

Want to drink from the fountain of youth?

Start by taking a kid to the beach. Then watch and learn.

Kids don't fret about swimsuit shopping. They're too busy feeling the water's tingle on their skin for that. They get their hair wet and bury themselves in the sand. They run. They squeal with delight...and they cry when it's time to leave. There is a torrent of power and potential in the youthful experience of life, and having an unquenchable thirst for exploration is how we grow.

BC Youth Week is just around the corner, an international event that recognizes the positive contributions youth make and celebrates the valuable work youth and youth organizations do all year round. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the creative energy of the youth in our community...and revisit it in ourselves, too.

Drink up...and dive in.

April 18, 2017

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.

Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. ~Groucho Marx

Books are our great companions. With the power to ground us in reality and transport us far away from it, they both reveal the world as it is and imagine it as it could be. Finding a great book has never been so easy to do either, as we can simply have it delivered to our inbox or right to our front door with the click of a mouse.

If there's anything better than curling up with a great book though, it's got to be exploring a great bookstore. When we deprive ourselves of this wonderful part of the reading experience, we miss out on delights like the shelves of glossy new covers and the evocative scent of old ones. The creak of floorboards. The cats. The reading community. And most importantly, the invaluable advice and recommendations of seasoned shop staff who make it their life's work to devour, savour and share the printed word.

April 29th is Canadian Authors for Indies Day.* It's a day of appreciation for Canada's independent bookstores, and right here on Vancouver Island we have a lot to appreciate. Visit some of the world's best bookstores right in your own local community...and you just might find yourself face to face with some of the world's best authors, too.

April 11, 2017

Put your bunny where your mouth is.

If you're like me and think that chocolate tastes far too good to be bad...then you just might be right!
Theobroma Cacao, the Latin name for chocolate, actually means "Food of the Gods." Chocolate contains flavonoids and theobromine, both of which are good for your health; and eating it produces a mild anti-depressant effect by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain. Chocolate can also reduce cholesterol and help to prevent memory decline. Did you know that 87 percent of parents will be preparing Easter baskets for their kids this weekend?  And that 81 percent of those parents will also admit to stealing chocolate from them? Maybe the other 19 percent forgot where they hid the baskets.
The history of chocolate began in Central America, where xocolatl beans were so valuable that the Aztec and Mayan people used them as currency. It was prepared as a spicy drink and was used with great reverence. We still take our chocolate pretty seriously today, and there are some talented local chocolatiers making a stir right here on Vancouver Island.
So add that to your 100-Mile Diet Plan this weekend. I sure have, and I'm on the you might not want to put all your eggs in one basket.

April 4, 2017

This week's edition is brought to you by the number five.

Five is a fascinating number, isn't it?

We have five natural senses. We have five fingers and five toes, and it's actually thought that V, the Roman symbol for five, comes from the image of a hand with the five fingers spread. There are five oceans, five vowels in the alphabet, five Olympic rings and five players on a basketball team. There are five hotdogs in a package, and the five second rule always takes effect when you drop one. Hotdog buns come in packages of six though, a fact that five out of five people find annoying.

You'll find the fabulous number five everywhere...including right here on

This week we're thrilled to introduce our new High Five feature, a very special list of the five top must-do events happening on Vancouver Island for the month of April. Watch our High Five video to learn more, start making plans to be there...and get ready to Take Five!

March 28, 2017

Paddles up, everyone.

Most of us will never be elite athletes. We will probably never feel the thrill of winning a hockey game in an arena filled with tens of thousands of cheering fans or kick the winning field goal at the Grey Cup. It can be nearly impossible to relate to the larger-than-life sports heroes we see on the screen, then.

If you were asked to name three of the fastest growing sports, what would you say? Right here on Vancouver Island, Dragon Boating, Pickleball and Stand Up Paddle Boarding are growing like chickweed on a sunny spring day. And that's a fantastic phenomenon, because all three are sports for a wide range of ages and abilities. Do you define yourself as not sporty? Believe that sport is just for other people? Then you just might be missing out on a life-altering experience.

No matter who we are, the true glory of sport is in moving our bodies in challenging new ways and surprising ourselves with the result. In setting brave personal goals, meeting great new people and reaching those goals alongside them. In feeling healthy, exhilarated and alive. Sport isn't just for the gifted few, but an unexpected gift that's available to every single one of us.

Is this the year that you'll be picking up a paddle, too?

March 21, 2017

I say spring, you say...

Fever. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has gleefully emerged from hibernation after a long and difficult winter. Maybe you say break, and have a houseful of kids out of school bursting with excitement. Or maybe, like say cleaning.

Well, we just happen to have the perfect solution to satisfy every one of you.

This week, why not gather your family and friends together for a Shoreline Cleanup? We have thousands of kilometres of wonderful shoreline to explore, and those beaches, lakesides and waterways are perfect spots for free adventure and discovery. Spring is about making a fresh start, and the creatures who make the shorelines their home will appreciate the help making a fresh start, too.

One thing we're definitely all saying is...finally. Say it loudly and joyfully. Spring has arrived!

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