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 May 24, 2016

Tread lightly...and carry a big stick.

A selfie stick, that is.

The season of summer adventure has arrived, and we live in a place of astounding natural beauty. Our love of it is tested each time we go out exploring the beaches and trails, though. Is it a true love?

If it is, we can resist the temptation to bike off the trails, knowing that rare ladyslipper orchids hide in our forests and that hummingbirds sometimes nest low. We can take care to leave nothing behind. We can thrill at discovering ancient ammonites in a river bed without needing to take one home. True love is both a letting go and a quiet commitment to never taking something for granted.

Love well.

And one day, when the tide washes away our footprints, no one will ever know that we walked this beach at all.


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