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 June 23, 2015

It's the thrill of the grill.

We're officially into summer, and all across Vancouver Island, folks are filling propane tanks and stocking up on briquettes.

When we finally brought home a barbecue this year, a whole new magical world was revealed. Why does every culture on earth have a signature grilled dish, you ask?

Because it's the perfect meal, that's why.

From tandoori to yakitori, and from souvlaki to satay... it seems that the whole world loves to eat without doing dishes, following recipes or smelling yesterday's dinner tomorrow.

Our whole family has embraced the joy of outdoor cooking, from the cat who strategically waits for a moment of inattention to the dog who enthusiastically waits for a moment of clumsiness.

The only ones who aren't so excited are our pet chickens. But then again, after three thousand years of domestication as food and about the same amount of time since the invention of the rotisserie, I can't say that I blame them.


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