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 March 17, 2014

The favour of a drop of water...

...should be repaid as an overflowing spring. ~Chinese Proverb

And Spring is a time of overflowing. When everything is bursting with green and it seems like the rains will never end, it's so easy to forget that Mother Nature will soon be turning off that faucet, leaving us with long and thirsty summer days.

Not only are we welcoming the first day of Spring this week, but we're also celebrating Canada Water Week. It's our most precious resource, and all of it that we'll ever have is on the planet now.

This week, take a look upstream. Each of our local and global communities faces unique challenges with obtaining and managing the life-giving water that we all need to survive, but we have the ability to do it.

We may be made 75% of water ourselves...
but that leaves a solid 25% responsible for everyone's welfare.

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