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 April 26, 2016

Say it in the language of flowers.

All across Vancouver Island, the spring flowers are at their peak, and it's enough to take your breath away, isn't it?

In times long gone by, hopeful lovers would send fragrant little bouquets to the object of their affection, and the special meaning of each blossom would convey the secrets of their heart. Wouldn't it be wonderful to revive this romantic old tradition again?

If the recipient of a single passion flower misses the point, then they're just not paying attention. But a bouquet of dandelions would say I'm just going to keep on trying. A handful of scotch
broom says You won't get rid of me that easily. A Garry Oak seedling says I'm in it for the long run. English Ivy? This love will outlast us all.

And if someone sends you a spray of apple blossoms?
I wouldn't wait. That offer isn't going to last too much longer.


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