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 April 5, 2016

The cure for anything is salt water...

Sweat, tears or the sea. ~Isak Dinesen

There is something deeply calming about being on the ocean. When we find ourselves in a place so vast and powerful, troubles that we thought were whales suddenly are revealed to be tiny little silvery fish.

One of the things I've learned in that School Of Fish is that Mother Nature always has control of her classroom. And that she can be a tough and demanding teacher.

While we're fortunate that every season is boating season here, we also need to remember to be lifelong learners. The joy of a cloudless day can become the panic of a storm in the blink of an eye, and safe practices and solid training can save a life. Fantastic local courses like the ones offered by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons are a great place to begin.

Get out on the water and experience that salt water cure for yourself.
But put in a little bit of sweat first...and forget about the tears.


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